Thursday, February 3, 2011

New year, new chapter, new everything.

Rightt i know it's a little late to blog about the new year, but what the hell, it's chinese new year. So it kinda counts. I've been neglecting my blog for a while. Cause i'm lazy. Okay to enlighten you peeps bout my life, i don't like school anymore, at least, not as much as i use to. It's boring and all we do is homework. I WANT MORE STORY BOOKS. I need them, to de-bore my life.

Everything is new now. new friends, new class, new clothes. new blah blah blah. i just want the old stuff back. :( my old friends, old class. sighh. But, life goes on anyways.

Ok enough for now. bye.

Monday, October 18, 2010

No daddy i'm not fat.

You know yesterday when i told daddy i wanted some ice cream, he said, eh melissa you should really stop eating so much you know. Do you realize you're getting fatter? I was like, yer what the. Daddy you so bad la. Now i don't feel like eating ice cream anymore. And he laughed and said, good la save my money. WHAT THE. I think my daddy has a thing against fatness. He keeps saying my sis is very fat too. Note the VERY. She's not fat, just plump. Ohwell.

Daddy maybe you don't realize you're a little fat too. :D hehehe
Gah msn you're really pissing me off now. NOW WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP DISCONNECTING AND SIGN ME IN ALREADY! >:C Don't make me don't friend you!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Again i'm here to remind you to listen to John Mayer. (:

Why Georgia why.

Oh my gosh the weather's killing me man. It's just so so so hot and making me sweat my hair off. Gah! Jien Yue said, You see ah mel, the weather so hot. Then people on aircond. And when they on aircond the weather gets hotter because of the thinning of the ozone layer. It makes sense lah so i'm gonna blame the weather for making itself so hot. pfft.

You see, i wouldn't mind if i was going to a place like this and the weather was hot. Places like these should be the reason the hot hot weather existed. :D BUT NO. I'm cooped up at home and sweating my pants off. You see the sand's so white in the picture, so so so beautiful. :D

The only thing that's nice about me sitting here is that i'm listening to John Mayer. ;D Oh John Mayer is sooo good. Gives me the happy, relaxed and cool feeling you know. Yeaah i think you dont' know if you don't listen to John Mayer. SO GO LISTEN TO JOHN MAYER. Those who don't like him are pure dummies. (; hehheh.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

of chocolates and icecreams, :D

Oh yayy! Pmr is like over. :D Actually i don' know why but i don't feel anything lah. Like i'm happy and all, but not like ECSTATIC and JOYFUL. Just, happy and relieved. Ohmy chineseee! I think i'm getting a B. ): daaang. Oh i feel like eating lots and lots of ice cream and chocolates. :D

Next thing to look forward to,
- Jonathan and Esther coming baaaack!
- Christmas!
- Jien Yue's church camo thingy
- YC conference!

Ok and hanging out with friends. :D Yeapp. Good enough list. (:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Okay that previous post was a little stupid. But i really do hope i get straight A's. Gah everyone's busy studying. So bored lahh. I'm lazy. I know.